Shopping in John’s Pass

Whether you are looking for a souvenir, a cold drink or something to keep you busy at the beach, you will find it in John’s Pass. While there is too many too list, here’s a start on some of my favorites from January 2018.

Support independent merchants:

On Village Boulevard, just steps from the Belle Vista, there are many independent shops to explore. Some of my favorites include:

A Winemaker, Florida Winery

A Brewer, Mad Beach Brewing

A Soaper, Lori’s Soap and Sponge Market

And “Experts in All Things that Blow in the Wind,“ Windworks

And right across from the hotel and is a great place to find something to season that fish you caught, Spice and Tea Exchange, John’s Pass 

For the Unique Treasure Hunter:

On the boardwalk, you will find many shops selling souvenirs and clothes. If you want a t-shirt, keychain or a coffee mug, you will have no trouble finding something. However, make sure you stop in at Sinbad’s Treasure Chest before making your final decision. This store is tons of fun with many beach themed gifts and treasures. I bought some lovely glass necklaces for my sisters and coin doubloons for my nephews. While shopping, be sure to stop and say hello to Sinbad, the parrot.

For the One Stop Shopper:

If you like to do your shopping in five minutes in one store, Surf Style is your one-stop beach shop. This store is so huge that it ran out of room on one side of the road and opened a second shop across the street. It is a convenient stop for beach toys, Florida souvenirs, and clothes.

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