Eating Ice Cream in John’s Pass

It isn’t a holiday without ice cream, and John’s Pass does not disappoint. There may even be too many ice cream shops to taste in a week, but that didn’t stop my three kids. They decided on day one that we were going to try every single ice cream shop in John’s Pass if it killed us. Here are a few of our favourites:

Kohr Family Frozen Custard (12831 Village Blvd, Madeira Beach)

Every time we left the Belle Vista hotel, we turned the corner and passed the sweet smell of waffle cones baking at the Kohr frozen custard shop, and the kids would start begging for ice cream. They serve soft serve frozen custard in chocolate, vanilla and orange flavours on a still warm and fresh waffle cone. It is delicious and both my husband and kids ranked it as #1 in John’s Pass. However, it loses a few ratings for me on price. $7 per ice cream adds up.

The Sand Bar (121 129th Ave E, Madeira Beach)

The Sand Bar has friendly staff plus it has tables to enjoy outside. The kids rated the actual ice cream as nothing special, but they also have shaved ice, and we LOVE shaved ice.  Come here for a comfy spot and a huge shaved ice at a good price. It is also the closest one to the hotel – you can throw a rock from the front gate to the Sand Bar.

Sugar Daddy’s (110 Boardwalk Pl E, Madeira Beach)

Sugar Daddy’s is right on the John’s Pass boardwalk. It has character, lots of ice cream flavours, a table to eat right on the boardwalk and coffee! That’s right; when your kids want ice cream for breakfast, you can have coffee. Thank you, Sugar Daddy.

Kilwins (160 Boardwalk Pl E, Madeira Beach)

Also right on the boardwalk, this ice cream chain has lots of treats, chocolates and fudges to enjoy with your ice cream. To me, it was nothing special but the kids disagree. We went for ice cream after dinner, and the man behind the counter gave my 4-year-old a “kiddie scoop” the same size as her head. Honestly, I have never seen a scoop of ice cream so big in my life. Therefore, the kids loved it.

Candy Kitchen (13711 Gulf Blvd, Madeira Beach)

A little farther up the road out of John’s Pass, we stumbled upon the Candy Kitchen. In fairness, nobody had ice cream at this place, but that is because it has the largest selection of candy I have ever seen. The kids were so overwhelmed by the candies and chocolate bars from all over the world that they didn’t even notice there was ice cream. Fun, friendly and tasty stop. Next time, we’ll try the ice cream.

Meyer’s House of Sweets (12930 Village Blvd, Madeira Beach)

Off the boardwalk and in the village shopping area, this John’s Pass staple has all the chocolates, fudges, candies and ice cream treats you could ever want at decent prices. We ate here on our last day, and there was still a huge level of enthusiasm about the ice cream. Goes to show, when on holiday, you can never have too much ice cream. Besides, didn’t anyone tell you, ice cream calories don’t count if you each it on the beach.

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